Analytics & Tag Management Audit

Collecting accurate data is the first step towards being able to tell a story

Google Tag Manager (GTM) Audit

We’ve developed an audit process that tests for common inconsistencies and errors, and validates your setup against our benchmark best practice implementation.

Our Google Tag Manager Audit includes:

  • Meeting with stakeholders to discuss specific requirements and concerns
  • Comprehensive audit of GTM configurations
  • Redesign of Container structure and taxonomy
  • Structured recommendations for improvement
  • Online documentation, so you have a guide as well as a place to update when changes are made.

Google Analytics Audit

If there’s something a broken or suboptimal in how your data is being collected, there’s a knock-on effect that can seriously impact the validity of your reporting, and the decisions you’re making. That’s not good.

Our Google Analytics Audits include:

  • Kickoff meeting to understand your business’ data priorities
  • Full review of the on-site implementation of Google Analytics
  • Full check of Google Analytics at the Account, Property and View level
  • Structured recommendations for fixes
  • Wrap-up meeting and handover

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