Implementing Analytics Tools

Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager

Google Analytics

Setting up Google Analytics 4 should not just be copy/pasting a measurement code into a WordPress Plugin.

Here are some of the activities that need to happen:

  • Create at least 2 properties, one for Production and one for all else.
  • Adjust data retention to at least 14 months.
  • Create meaningful conversion goals.
  • Modify channel grouping to accommodate custom UTM tracking
  • Change Reporting Identity to “Device-based”.
  • Use alerts, so when things break, you can quickly fix them.

Google Tag Manager

All the magic is going to happen in Google Tag Manager, so don’t just create an “All Pageviews” trigger and call it a day.

Here is what we usually do:

  • Enable cross domain tracking
  • Setup enhanced eCommerce via dataLayer
  • Make sure you are GDPR/CCPA compliant by ensuring all tags are firing at appropriate times
  • Use templates from the community to insert various media pixels, including Facebook.
  • Tag important conversion opportunities with events; such as your visitors downloading a PDF, clicking on the phone number button, playing a video, filling out a form and so much more. These events are great to use as goals in Google Analytics

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