We are transparent with our pricing, no BS

You need to get stuff done but are having a difficult time figuring out how much its going to cost. Most niche services want to talk your ear off before disclosing how much its all going to cost. At which point you wasted an hour on something that does not meet your budget. Well, we are different.

Below are some examples of how much its going to cost for typical deliverable. Keep in mind, these are just examples and for actual costs you will need to talk to a real human!


Check existing implementation of analytics and tag management tools for best practices
$ 2,500
  • We use a checklist developed over years of doing business to audit your Google Analytics account details
  • We partner with your media agency to review all tags within Google Tag Manager
  • You will get a comprehensive audit report complete with reccomendations and next steps. We wont leave you hanging.

Measurement Plan

Work with you to determine KPIs and how they will be captured in the future.
$ 500
  • Knowing what needs to be tracked and how it will be used sets you up for success
  • All plans are tailored to your business and granularity will depend on budget


Use a tag management tool, to implement the appropriate rules to capture data, as per the measurement plan
$ 3000
  • Correct the issues found during the audit
  • Enable granular data capture via event tracking in GTM
  • Setup 3rd party advertising tags like Facebook, Pinterest, Google Ads
  • Follow best practices by creating views, filters, and goals


Give you the ability to monitor your data in near real-time by creating a custom dashboard.
$ 2500
  • We use Google Data Studio, Zoho Analytics, Tableau and PowerBI for most of our dashboards
  • Connect to the Google Stack of products for free (Google Analytics, Search Console, Google Ads)
  • Connect to hundreds of other sources via 3rd party connectors

Server Side Tracking

Better marketing attribution from Facebook/Meta, Snap, Tiktok and etc.
$ 3000
  • Capture detailed data about user interactions directly on your server
  • Better control over data security and privacy
  • Less prone to inaccuracies caused by ad-blockers, browser restrictions, or user settings.

We strive to make our clients happy

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