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After 16 years in the industry, I can see that there is a clear need for niche services. While the buzz around analytics and big data is plenty, most organizations & their agencies, do not yet have the expertise to setup implementations beyond the most basic page level tagging. After having audited (and fixed) countless implementations, I would like to think that I know a thing or two of the most common problems and how to fix them. This is how noBSdigital was born. I want to enable agencies and clients to be able to do something with their data, without all the buzzwords and pardon my French, bullshit.


For those that do want to read some buzzwords, which came from my LinkedIn: I am a data-driven digital marketer with over 16 years of experience in both agency and client-side organizations. I have run multiple digital capability launches and complete site refreshes from inception to execution, always within budget and on time while delivering cost savings to the business. I have hands-on experience in many content management systems such as Sitecore (moneris.com), SDL Tridion (amex.ca), Vignette, and WordPress. I have used leading web analytics tools (Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Piwik, Clicky), tag management tools (Google Tag Manager and Adobe Dynamic Tag Management) and data visualization platforms (Looker, Tableau and PowerBI) on the market.


I have developed measurement methodologies and implementations for some of the largest global brands in order to have a streamlined approach when dealing with data and analytics. This includes conducting technical discovery audits, creating tracking plans, setting up targets and KPIs, creating live dashboards and reports, and much more. I use analytics to support making sound strategic decisions, which will have a measurable impact on the business.

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