Get the data you need, when you need it


Tired of receiving data dumps? Skim our reports and learn something new every time!


Whether you need reporting daily,weekly, monthly or any other cadence – we can handle it


Generic reports are ok, but reports tailored for you are even better. We work together to define the contents of each report

Timely Reporting

  • Daily dashboard would be useful to track the KPI conversion rates on lower funnel activities as well as campaign performance.
  • Weekly reports could be auto-generated and then curated by our team. These would likely focus on campaign performance and provide opportunities to optimize media strategy. The higher the frequency of the report, the more likely it will be automated.
  • Monthly reports help contribute to the overall scorecard to ensure we are on track to meeting our targets.
  • Quarterly reports would be a combination of insightful storytelling as well as quarterly creative and performance review, as one is based on the other. We would analyze the data across all digital channels to have a better understanding of what’s working, what’s not, what channels are contributing to our success, what tweaks need to be made and so forth.

Tailored Reporting

While we have a number of standardized templates we like to use with our clients, we are happy to work with you on something that fits your unique needs.

Tool Agnostic

Whether you are using Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, or any other web analytics platforms, we are more then happy to either create reports within the platform or export the data and use data visualization tools to provide you with reporting.

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